Monday, December 9, 2013

Photo Box, Early Valentines and Mojo Monday 323

Last year, I had a friend make me a photo box so I could take better pics of my cards.  And I haven't been using it, so sorry.  This card was giving me grief while taking pics.  It has everything to do with the's a sticker.  The flash was bouncing off the shiny sticker in the middle of the card.  It was rather frustrating. So, I pulled out the photo box.

I found the directions online on how to make the photo box, also known as a light box.  The directions online use cardboard box and vellum paper.  For those that don't have a clue what I am talking about, look here and here .  But my friend went the extra step.  He used left over wood in his garage, painted them white and the side panels are fluorescent light covers.  I currently use two large flashlights as my light source, but will be purchasing spotlights at Home Depot to help with better source of lights. The flashlights don't give enough light. 

The card sketch comes from Mojo Monday 323.  I absolutely love their sketches. The design team does an outstanding job with their samples.  Way to go!!  And you're thinking...Valentines? Again?  Well, yes.  I would like to give my patients a card for each holiday and I need a collection.  (I am a hospice nurse, where I go into patient's homes for care)  The patterned paper is actually hearts that I stamped in Momento Dew Drops Rose Bud and Cat's Eye Rose Coral.  I added brads for some dimension.  The heard on the outside of the circle is stamped is embossed in white.  There is foam tape under the patterned paper (because of the light pink fiber-remember those?), under the circle and the cut out heart.  I really like the way it turned out.

Last but not least, the inside.  This is super simple, almost too plain.  If I know me, I will add something later to spice it up and get rid of  more of my stash.

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