Sunday, September 25, 2016

Documentary White #5 Smitten

Documentary White #5

This is my final page with this kit.  It had way too many black and white papers.  Live and learn.  That me and my oldest, such a sweet pic.  That little one is now 25.  I am so behind getting her baby pics in an album.  Which is funny that I am pretty much caught up with my two younger girls.  Go figure!

I turned the sketch to the left and it worked out perfectly.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Documentary White Kit #4 Just Plain Cute

Documentary White Kit #4
Just Plain Cute

I dug deep to get this photo (20 years old!).  It's so sweet seeing them this tiny.  Not sure how all three of them ended up in the tub at the same time.  I liked the sketch because it looks like bubbles.  I did something a little different for me.  I did some watercoloring around the pink bubbles trying to match the mint color at the base.  It was just a plain mint strip that I put two rows of washi tape which totally changed the look.

I used the sketch from Paper Issues, from August 2016.
I recently purchased a Chromebook that I am using to write this blog.  It won't allow to do things that I was used to doing with my laptop, like linking a photo of the sketch from someone else's blog.  As soon as I get it figured out I will post their sketch.  In the meantime, check out via the link.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Documentary White Kit #3 Pokemon Go!

Documentary White Kit #3
Pokemon Go!

No, I don't play the game, my girls do as well as half the country.  What a rage this summer!  My daughter is here for the summer (she attends a school in CA and I live in TX).  I live across the street from TWU (Texas Women's University) where my dtr would find all kinds of Pokemon.  I wanted to document this rage because next summer it might be something else.

I followed the sketch pretty closely.  My first time using acrylic paints on a page.  Nice to use up some more tags.  I used 4!

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Documentary White Kit #2 Sewing Haven

Documentary White Kit #2
Sewing Haven
Before children, I used to have a little sewing business.  I made mostly bridesmaid dresses.  It wasn't very steady and was for extra money when my husband was getting his engineering degree.  I wanted to document that part of my life that was very important to my past.  Now I only use that same sewing machine on my layouts.

I used this sketch again and it looks so different that the Road Trip Silence.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Documentary White Kit #1 Love You

Documentary White
#1 Love You
This page has several papers from the cream kit that I wanted to use up.  I was inspired by a sketch that had all these hexagons and I had that wood hexagon with the green stripes at the bottom left corner of the photo and I just went with it.  Surprisingly, I don't own a hexagon punch.  So I decided to cut them out with my Scan N Cut.  Which sounds like a great idea, except that I didn't cut out hexagons, I cut out octagons!  And I used up all the scraps.  It took me a little while but I managed to salvage all of them.  I used some black and white striped washi along the edges.

I used a sketch from Sketch Savvy #90 as my inspiration.

I was so excited to start this kit that I didn't take a picture of it.  I'll get the hang of it.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Documentary Cream Kit 9th & Final Page Road Trip Silence

Documentary Cream Kit
9th and Final Page
Road Trip Silence
This is my final page for this kit.  I am very proud of all that I was able to create.  And I did them all over one weekend, which was pretty nice.    

This photo is around 15 years old.  We would take road trips from TX to AZ driving straight through.  It made it rough on the kids so there were many ways to entertain them.  We had a small portable TV with VHS (way before vehicles equipped with built in video monitors and DVDs).  Occasionally, I would hear silence.  It meant one of two things.  They were either being sneaky and up to no good, or they were asleep.  YES!!  Sleepy heads.

I actually scraplifted SBC SketchCrew Lyne's LO

Here is what I have left of my kit.

I put all of this toward to Documentary White Kit and added more elements as you will soon see.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Dcumentary Cream Kit #8 Do You Mind?

Documentary Cream Kit #8
Do You Mind?
I love this diagonal line of this layout.  I swoom over those alphas by Fancy Pants Life is Beautiful.  Reminds me of a calico kitty we used to have.  And speaking of kitty, here she is.  If you have a cat, I know you can relate.  They don't want anything to do with you until you start reading a book or work on your laptop.  Yep, that's what was happening.  She made herself nice a cozy right in the middle of the keyboard.  Excuse me, do you mind?  I used a couple tags, which are really difficult for me to do.  And there is that cute little frame and yes, there is a flair that I got at Tuesday Morning some time ago.  

I have found so many lovely sketches at Scrapbook Challenges.  

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Documentary Cream Kit #7 Love That Face

Documentary Cream Kit #7
Love That Face

This is one of my favorite pages I made from this kit.  I like the layering and the sketch and that precious photo of my daughter.  The layers didn't show up very well, even with inked edges so I used one of the black cs papers to make a small border around all layered edges.  I used three different fonts for the title and a cute, cute, cute flair.

This sketch is fantastic.  I am sure I will use it again and again.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Documentary Cream Kit #6 Hello 8th Grade

Documentary Cream Kit #6
Hello 8th Grade

The background is a wheat colored cs that I got in one of my Scrap-Room kits.  This easy grid page came together so nicely.  The black and cream paper zigzag paper was gutted so I could use it as one of the grids.

Another great sketch from Scrapbook Challenges.

Thank you for joining me today!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Documentary Cream Kit #5 Summer Concerts

Documentary Cream Kit #5
Summer Concerts 2016

Continuing using up my stash in the kit I made.  I felt the triangles on this cream base paper was rather subdued, kinda looks like teepees which reminds me of camping which reminds me of summer.  And that is how I decided to use this paper for a summer photo!  The green patterned paper that is the border was something I had pulled from my stash.  All other papers were from Documentary.  Touches of gold in the doily and the glitter enamel dots.

The photo is me and my friend at one of the many summer concerts that we have in my area.  We go once or twice a week, brave the heat and listen to local bands.  I didn't realize how much I loved live music until I moved to Denton.

This is the sketch that I used.  I didn't use the large circle element.  One of the layers on the left I used a kraft/red dot bag.  Sponged black distressed ink around edges.  Using up the black glitter thickers.  

Thank  you for stopping by!      Traci

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Documentary Cream Kit #4 Mohawk Braid

Documentary Cream Kit #4
Mohawk Braid

I was totally inspired by Meaghen Calder page that I saw on Paper Issues on 8/23/16.  Her page was soft colors and two photos.  Mine, the opposite.  I printed a 3x4 photos of my daughter's Mohawk braid that I French braided (so don't look too close).  The cream colored cs is textured cs that I got in a paper pack from Michael's last year.  The wood grain and the black and white polka dot papers are the only papers from the Documentary papers.  Instead of a second photo I used the 4x6 card that I had from the kit, adding those gel thickers that look like rocks.  I added three butterflies, a couple of tags (that I don't use often enough).  I should mention that the black and white strip on the bottom is washi tape.  India ink sprinkled diagonally.

Thank you Meaghen for the awesome inspiration and helping me to deplete my stash.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Documentary Cream Kit #3 Love Life

Documentary Cream Kit #3
Love Life

I absolutely fell in love with this patterned paper.  I felt I needed to anchor the title by adding a thin strip of gray paper.  The Love Life words I got at Tuesday Morning 6 months ago or so.  Used two more frames.  The flowers are from Documentary line, that I picked up last week at Michael's.  The round button that says 'you are' is really a wooden sun shape and a paper die cut.  I did get out a stamp set by Winnie & Walter and stamped 'sparkle' on the tag in the top left corner.  I sprinkled black India ink diagonally (which in the way my mind works) to finish it off.

The photos are all the same pic that I made into a film strip.  I love that face!
No sketch for this page.  

Thank you for stopping by, seeing how I am depleting my stash.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Documentary Cream Kit #2 Cute

Documentary Cream Kit #2

This page combines one of the things I love the most (wood grain papers) and something I like the least in this kit (the floral paper in the corners).  I hated to just throw away that floral paper even though it was tempting.  This was one of the last pages that I created from this kit using up some of my scraps that I used in the frames.  And I haven't touched any of the frames that I put in from my stash.  I was able to use 5 of them on one page.  One of the frames is cork, which compelled me to add cork elements in two other areas, the little heart in the upper right and the doily on the upper left.  I did the same for the wooden frame, adding the camera and those tiny hearts.

This photo is over 20 years old.  I always thought I would have a cutesy/sarcastic title for this pic, but decided to say it like it is.  I didn't have a sketch for this.  I like the way it turned out.    I really like depleting my stash!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Documentary Cream Kit - #1 Hello Comet

Documentary Cream Kit #1
Hello Comet

This my first page using my Stash Kit.  It's a pic of the new fish my daughter got while at college.  She went to great lengths last year trying to get a cat but that wasn't meant to be.  She is so happy with her new Beta, Comet.  I used cream cs and that beautiful hexagon print paper.  I will say right now that I am not very good of keeping up with all the product manufactures are.  I will work on that.  The circles were cut out from one of the papers in the collection.  I had some really old stuff like the gold glitter enamel dots, & flair.  The Hello actually said Hello Friend that I cut off.  The black 3x4 card is from Paper Issues.  I really like the sketch, especially the stitching.

This website is full of wonderful sketches.  I so appreciate it!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Making a Kit Documentary Cream

Making a Kit

I've been scrap booking for 20+ years and am learning new things all the time.  What I'm impressed with is those that make these wonderful kits from their stash.  I've tried to replicate what I've seen but can't seem to get a handle on it.  Then I discovered a wonderful Mini-Course by Victoria Marie:  Make the Kit - A Mini Course.  She broke it down into a language that I understood and could replicate again and again.  She recommended making several kits at one time so if you get tired of one, just go onto another.  And since you are going through your stash anyway, it makes so much sense.  My first time around, I made three kits.  I hope to present them here and see my success in depleting my stash.

The First Kit:  Documentary Cream

I recently purchased the Documentary Paper Pack at Michael's.  I had some of the ephemera packs and I loved the colors of the collection.  This collection had some cream based papers and some white.  I separated them and chose to use the cream based first.

I pulled from my stash as many embellishments that I could find that matched the colors in the papers.  The items I didn't use in this kit, I put it with the white based kit.  I was able to complete 9 layouts with only scraps left.  Because I had everything pulled together into my Iris container, I didn't have to spend precious time looking for items to use.

I am a huge fan of sketches.  I printed out the one that I was drawn to.  Then I looked in my photos (I have several boxes-I'm sure like many of you) to find ones that would work well with the colors of the papers in this kit.  I folded the bottom of the printed sketch, staples the sides to make a little pocket for me to put my photos in.  I threw in about 15 sketch/photos in the Iris not knowing how many I would complete in each kit.  It's OK to have more than you need.

Coming up next, see what I was able to create and deplete my stash.