Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Documentary Cream Kit 9th & Final Page Road Trip Silence

Documentary Cream Kit
9th and Final Page
Road Trip Silence
This is my final page for this kit.  I am very proud of all that I was able to create.  And I did them all over one weekend, which was pretty nice.    

This photo is around 15 years old.  We would take road trips from TX to AZ driving straight through.  It made it rough on the kids so there were many ways to entertain them.  We had a small portable TV with VHS (way before vehicles equipped with built in video monitors and DVDs).  Occasionally, I would hear silence.  It meant one of two things.  They were either being sneaky and up to no good, or they were asleep.  YES!!  Sleepy heads.

I actually scraplifted SBC SketchCrew Lyne's LO

Here is what I have left of my kit.

I put all of this toward to Documentary White Kit and added more elements as you will soon see.

Thanks for stopping by.  Traci

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