Sunday, September 11, 2016

Making a Kit Documentary Cream

Making a Kit

I've been scrap booking for 20+ years and am learning new things all the time.  What I'm impressed with is those that make these wonderful kits from their stash.  I've tried to replicate what I've seen but can't seem to get a handle on it.  Then I discovered a wonderful Mini-Course by Victoria Marie:  Make the Kit - A Mini Course.  She broke it down into a language that I understood and could replicate again and again.  She recommended making several kits at one time so if you get tired of one, just go onto another.  And since you are going through your stash anyway, it makes so much sense.  My first time around, I made three kits.  I hope to present them here and see my success in depleting my stash.

The First Kit:  Documentary Cream

I recently purchased the Documentary Paper Pack at Michael's.  I had some of the ephemera packs and I loved the colors of the collection.  This collection had some cream based papers and some white.  I separated them and chose to use the cream based first.

I pulled from my stash as many embellishments that I could find that matched the colors in the papers.  The items I didn't use in this kit, I put it with the white based kit.  I was able to complete 9 layouts with only scraps left.  Because I had everything pulled together into my Iris container, I didn't have to spend precious time looking for items to use.

I am a huge fan of sketches.  I printed out the one that I was drawn to.  Then I looked in my photos (I have several boxes-I'm sure like many of you) to find ones that would work well with the colors of the papers in this kit.  I folded the bottom of the printed sketch, staples the sides to make a little pocket for me to put my photos in.  I threw in about 15 sketch/photos in the Iris not knowing how many I would complete in each kit.  It's OK to have more than you need.

Coming up next, see what I was able to create and deplete my stash.

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