Thursday, January 16, 2014

Card #257

I started this journey two years ago, using up my stash.  I was pretty good for a while keeping up with how many cards I was able to make with my stash.  And then I quit counting. 

Since I am moving tomorrow (YIKES!!), I thought I would count to see how many of these cards I've made with my stash.  I have given a good many away, so I am not counting those.  Today, in my completed card boxes, I have 257!!  I have gone through a lot of stash with this many cards with still too much to mention.

I tend to be a purger, except when it comes to my stamp supplies.  Why do I hoard this stuff?  I was the same way with fabric when I was sewing.  I think I might take the huge plunge and give it all away.  At least most of it.  I did give away all my alphabet stickers to a co-worker.  She was pleasantly surprised to see how much I had.  And it felt good to let it go.

So back to the card I made today. Earlier I was experimenting with watercolor on embossed images.  My previous post shows an excellent example of colors blending well together.  Well, I had one that didn't look so swell.  That is what I used to cut out these arrows.  I got this lovely sketch from IN{K}Spire Me #130.  I haven't participated in their challenges for quite some time.  My stamp set is from Hero Arts as well as the inks, except for the watercolored arrows, those are Distressed Inks.

Thanks for stopping by!    Traci


  1. Now that's what I call a HAPPY card, Traci!! I'm so inspired to know you used your stash to make that many cards and, wow, is that a lot of cards! Sounds like some charity that accepts cards is going to be very happy that you have been so busy!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Such a great card :)
    And depleting my stash is exactly what I planned for this year... Great name for a crafting blog ;)
    Thanks for joining us at In{k}spire_me!

  3. Love your card! Always a good idea to send laughter and smile. Good luck with reducing your stash and thank you for joining us at Inkspire me this week! Marion

  4. What a project - using up your stash! I bet it would take me more than two years, too... I like your card! There's never enough smiles and laughter! Thanks for joining us at IN{K}SPIRE_me! ~ Annemarie