Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blue and Yellow Cards

I started this Journey with sadness, having to say goodbye to my stash that I've been hoarding for years.  This week something happened.  I have gotten over the sadness and now look forward to seeing it gone.  I don't know why the switch in emotion for sure.  I think in my mind I know deep down inside that once it's gone, I get to reward myself with new stuff.  How silly is that!

Speaking of new stuff, I did have to break down and buy something.  My goal was not to buy anything and I've made 80+ cards without buying anything (applause, please).  I bought a package of pearls from Micheals.  It was a 480 pc pack that I used my coupon.  The total cost was $4.80.  How sweet is that?  A penny a pearl!

And I am attacking my stash with new vigor as well.  When I see a challenge, I like to make two cards instead of one if I can.  I saw Dynamic Duos has a Yellow and Blue color challenge. Ok, I thought it was blue.  Turns out it was green.  Oh well!  I looked through my uncut 12x12 paper and found this wonderful stripe.  I have enough to make 4 (or more) cards.  I've made these two so far.

I made this window card first.  I love the flowers.  I stamped a heart in green for the leaves.  I love how you can use stamps for something totally different that what it was intended.

This second card, I really liked the look of the sketch from Cardabilites #55. I really reached deep into my stash and found these fibers.  The sentiment stamp is from My Favorite Things. 

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