Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Something about Fall

Most people re-evaluate their life in January, the new year.  For some reason, I do it in the fall.  It's my favorite time of year, I am the most comfortable, usually the least stressed out giving me time to look back on the year, what changes I need to make.

Most people don't start a diet right before Thanksgiving, but I did three years ago and was the most successful in losing 20 lbs in 12 weeks.  I was so proud of myself.  Even though I gained the weight back, I proved to myself that I can lose weight without outrageous change in diet.  I found for me, it was all about portions.  So, this is a goal for me, to watch my portions and be committed to doing yoga.  Yoga, is, well, the best exercise ever!  I don't go to classes.  I am way too self conscious for that.  I did go once to a class to make sure I was doing it right, and well, I am.  I have DVDs and a resource online to spice up my routine.  I've been waking up super early (4:30am is super early to me).  This morning I got up and dusted off my favorite yoga DVD. It felt so good to stretch out again.

Another change that I will be doing this fall is look for a new apartment.  It's time to move on.  I've lived in my quaint 1000 sq apt for 3 years.  So next week, I have some time off and will be searching for a new place to live.  The move won't happen until January when my lease it up.  Not sure why, but I get itchy feet every three years.  As a kid we seemed to move every three years, so that might have something to do with it.

One more change, I am going to get back to the things I love, to do what makes me happy.  And that is card making.  I started this venture almost 20 years ago.  I fell in love with stamping and embossing.  I am still in love with that but there are SO many new products out there.  I haven't stamped in over a year until this past weekend.  I have to give credit to Jennifer McGuire for her great videos of her favorite crafty things for making it easy to decide what products are worth getting.  I've never owned Tim Holtz's Distress Dye Inks.  I wasn't sure how to use them.  Jennifer made it so easy.  I bought my first distress stamp pads with the applicator as well as the nifty craft mat by Ranger.

I haven't made Christmas cards in years.  These are going to some very special people.  It felt good to start doing what I love again.


  1. way to go on getting back in shape, I'm working on that right now and portion control is right on too!! good luck with the apt search.. CUTE card and love the star!!!thanks sooo much for playing along with 365 cards this week!!!!

  2. yay for getting in shape and hope you find the perfect new home :) cute card with the fun star :) So glad you joined us on 365 Cards for our Sunday sketch this week.