Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me for my Journey.  I am a paper junkie, addicted to beautiful papers because of they way they feel or their beauty.  I've been collecting (hoarding) papers and embellishments for 18 years when I had my first taste of stamping. 

I have given away half of my stash through the years to newbies, just to make room for new papers.  I struggle with organizing all of this stuff.  I used to have a room dedicated to my stamping/scrapping but decided several years ago that I didn't want my addiction to be so evident, so I hid it in the closet and would pull it out when I needed a fix.  But I missed it.  I mean I really missed it.  And moreover, I needed it.  My life is not complete without my stash.  So, now my little dining room has been taken over again.

So, here are my rules:

No purchase of any cardstock or pattern papers in 2012
No purchase of any embellishments in 2012

The second one is kinda tricky, because I am in a Stamp Club (Stamps for Life), and I'm not working on my stamping  Stamped Images are frequently used as embellishments, so that is my exception.  But no buttons, brads, flowers, die cuts, rub ons....

I will use challenges that are available online as a tool for inspiration to get of the supplies that I do.

I look forward to meeting many of you and having you join me on this Journey, to share stories as you start your own Journey.

Traci the Depleter